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Practice Areas

As practitioners in the field of franchise law for over 35 years, we are familiar with virtually every franchise-related issue that our clients may face, whether it be buying or selling a franchise, negotiating a lease for your new restaurant, setting up a franchise program and preparing the necessary agreements and disclosure documents, forming or counseling a franchisee association or litigating, arbitrating, mediating (or negotiating) a dispute.

Our experience, gained in hundreds of transactions, enables us to guide and counsel our clients effectively and efficiently wherever they are located. Look at some of our practice areas below and see which ones might apply to you.

Attorney Richard L. Rosen has counseled and advised countless franchisees, franchisers and franchisee associations on both the legal and business aspects of franchising.

Whether you are located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or anywhere in the world for that matter, we will be glad to sit down (or teleconference) with you and discuss your legal needs, issues or concerns without any cost to you. Contact Rosen Karol Salis, PLLC, at 646-974-2742 or by email to discuss your legal questions.