Nationwide Representation In Franchise Law


We have so much gratitude and respect for Mr. Richard Rosen, Mr. John Karol, Mr. Leonard Salis, and the rest of the Rosen, Karol, Salis, PLLC team. Our case is very complex and there isn’t a single firm in the entire world that would have taken us on. There also isn’t a single firm in the entire world that understands franchise law like Mr. Rosen and his amazing team. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about our decision in choosing Mr. Rosen and how it was the best decision we ever made. It is very difficult to find a trustworthy attorney, especially when you’ve been wronged in the past. Mr. Rosen and his team are not only extremely knowledgeable, but they are also extremely law-abiding, thorough, HONEST, & ETHICAL. These qualities are a rarity in today’s world. Litigation can be an emotional rollercoaster and you need someone on your side that is trustworthy and unwavering in their support. There are days we wanted to give up, but Mr. Rosen always says, “We never give up!” Sometimes you just need to hear those words. You will not find a more devoted team than this one. They treat you like family and genuinely care about your best interests. They each bring so many strengths to the table, complementing each other so well. We are forever grateful for Mr. Rosen, Mr. Karol, and Mr. Salis. Each and every day these men continue to bring their A games, and absolutely nothing less! They are truly the dream team, and they will always be family in our book!

– Erich & Abby Jaeger

To whom it may concern:

Over the life of my business, I can proudly say that the Richard L. Rosen Law Firm has been instrumental in every measure of my success. When I first met Mr. Rosen, I was just starting out my journey as an entrepreneur. I literally knew nothing of running a business and Mr. Rosen and his team were respectful and patient at every step of the way. The very start of my business involved a difficult mediation which was successfully resolved. I know undoubtedly without Mr. Rosen’s guidance, the outcome would not have been favorable to us. At that point, I was the “smallest” client of Mr. Rosen, but the commitment, attention to detail, and work ethic devoted to my case were of the highest level.

I have been lucky enough to get to know Mr. Rosen and his team very well over the years. The professionalism and character of every member in his law firm is a testament to the wonderful person that is Mr. Rosen. He is kind and reasonable, tough and tenacious, affable and of the highest character. He is always in your corner but also very fair to both parties. These qualities are reflected by everyone in his firm and I have and will continue to place my trust in all of them. He has always been generous with his experience and acumen, both professionally and personally. I tell everyone who will listen that the best decision I ever made was hiring the Richard L. Rosen Law Firm. I will always be grateful for meeting Mr. Rosen and I know anyone else who does will share the same sentiments.

Kevin Kim
Kuppi Coffee Company

The Richard Rosen Law Firm has represented my businesses and me for over 10 years. We have worked closely with Richard and all of the lawyers and staff at the firm. They have provided me with exceptional assistance, care, and responsiveness and have served as incredible resources for us. Additionally, I know that I can reach out to The Richard Rosen Law Firm for anything I need at any time, and they will get back to me promptly. They are the first firm that comes to my mind if I need assistance personally, if my company, or if a colleague or friend needs legal services. The Richard Rosen Law Firm has proven every time that they thoughtfully address each client matter seriously by looking into the issue at hand, discussing it with their team of attorneys, and following up to provide the best guidance for the next step, whether that be with the Richard Rosen Law Firm or another.

My company has relationships and works with lawyers and law firms globally, and without hesitation, I can say that the preeminent law firm to work with is the Richard Rosen Law Firm. They have a superstar roster of attorneys with an incredible depth of knowledge in the area of Franchise Law and beyond. They have capabilities in their areas of law that surpass any firm I have worked with. We have utilized their firm for everything from acquisitions to contracts and litigation. They can handle the most complex of business matters but approach every situation with an empathetic eye.

With every matter, they have proven that they are an elite firm at the top of their game. The breadth of knowledge and resources they have to address and represent their clients in these matters of law are unrivaled. They work with integrity and in a way that is adversarial but also championing for their clients from the beginning to the end. While at the same time making strategic efforts to fully explain every step of the process and the premise behind every decision; while making the legal aspects of the case accessible and clearly understandable to a layperson.

In a specific matter that a company of mine dealt with regarding partners in the company that was not an ideal situation for either side and was about to take a turn for the worst, Mr. Rosen and his team stepped in and not only helped my company and me but also helped both my partners. Their work on the matter, in addition to the legal aspect of it, but the human and negotiation and mediating, they achieved a favorable solution that was adequate for all parties involved. The efforts of The Richard Rosen Law Firm led to a resolution that has resulted in my old partners and I still have an amazing personal relationship. I would attribute much of my both personal and professional growth, to the mentorship and guidance of Richard and his outstanding team.

The Richard Rosen Law Firm genuinely exhibits day in and day out through their work product, compassion, and attentiveness that they care about every client they take on and will always advocate the greatest of abilities on their client’s behalf. They are an exemplary firm of attorneys and staff. Without hesitation, I would rank them not just the best franchise law firm, but the best law firm.

Warmest regards,

Omar Issa
Executive Director
TRTCLE, Corporation
433 Broadway, Suite 617
New York, NY

Richard has been our corporate attorney for 24 years – becoming an invaluable asset in our security and growth.

His profound knowledge, capacity, empathy and cool-headed guidance are the foundation of our business-to-business relationships.

We rely on his integrity and his in-depth command of the Law.

Norjka Farreras
The Options Group
TOG International

Richard Rosen has been an indispensable resource in building our businesses. He possesses the legal, business and social intelligence and experience we have come to rely upon. His counsel has guided us for over 24 years.

Joseph Iovino, President
Concord International

Dear Richard,

Please see below quote.

I’ve worked with Richard Rosen for over 5 years and in that time, I’ve grown to appreciate his experience and honesty. He is the absolute best at franchising. I can always count on him to provide sage counsel and sound advice and he has been essential to the success of many of my business ventures.

Alan Goldberg
Cyan Capital Group LLC

Dear Panel,

The Rosen Law Firm stepped in when I was in need of a franchise lawyer. The team walked me and my wife through the expected steps, they were direct and professional. We, as a team won our arbitration case. My wife and I walked away with an education in arbitration. Richard and his team performed above our expectations.

Clifford Gonzalez

The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm, PLLC ( Rosen Karol Salis, PLLC ) is a team of fine lawyers, not only they are the best at what they do, their alignment with clients like myself is very passionate. My litigation matter in supreme court/court of appeals was not a walk in the park; Mr. Rosen, John Karol & the entire team logged in thousands of hours of research to make sure I got a win; which indeed I did. Over the 2 years’ time, speaking with them on routinely, I found they were not only my lawyers who had my best interest, we became good friends, I really was able to understand what their values are, there professionalism surpassed my expectation.

I would very highly recommend this team of lawyers with any legal matters. Thank you, Mr., Rosen, JK, Mr. Salis & entire team, making me so comfortable during some very difficult times of my life, I appreciate very much, wishing you a continued success.

Jaspreet S Walia

How do I describe Richard Rosen and his law firm?

Many statements can be made as to their professionalism and work ethic.

I have been involved with Richard since he graduated from law school.

I hired him as my attorney in a public company that was in the franchising of women’s retail stores which was facing a class action suit.

Because of Richard, who even at an early age was a very good negotiator but always fair to both sides, we were able to avoid legal action.

Over the years I have been involved with Richard in several transactions and both parties looked to Richard on how to overcome each one’s position and bring the deal to a successful conclusion.

Today his law firm represents my company in several ongoing negotiations and the key is his approach to the details and more importantly his personal advice.

They always go beyond the norm to deliver for all parties involved.

I can’t say enough about the man as a person, I have other lawyers in different countries, and they “can’t hold a candle to him”.

He is my go-to attorney on many many questions, not only for franchising but also for his business acumen.

I highly recommend him and his law firm for the award, I would end by saying that I would not have anybody else represent me and my businesses.

David Brown
Chairman and CEO

To whom it may concern,

I have known Mr. Richard Rosen for approximately 3 years on a professional basis. Richard and his firm is very knowledgeable, professional, and always responds in a timely manner. He provides excellent input and advice on legal and business related matters. I trust him and his legal opinion.

I highly recommend Mr. Richard Rosen as an attorney with superb ethics, morales, values, and extensive legal knowledge.

Warm regards,

Darian Johnson
Chief Operations Officer
Environmental Energy Enterprises, PLLC

Rosen Karol Salis, PLLC is a group of individually exceptional attorneys, who collectively come together to make a truly great firm.

They have supported me through negotiating major leases, landlord/tenant disagreements, discussing the right corporate structure, and even challenges with employees. But, where they really shine, is in the franchising space. Their extensive experience, thoughtful and methodical nature, and ability to view situations from many angles and perspectives ensures we get to the right and fair solution that works for all parties. They get that it’s not transactional, these are long lasting relationships to be preserved and strengthened.

If we’re negotiating a franchise agreement with the franchisor, they are able to push and advocate for my interests, while understanding the franchisor’s interests and needs. If we’re negotiating a lease, they understand how important it is to consider the franchise agreement and ramifications of the interconnected obligations. They help provide perspective on setting up the right structure for our Franchisee Association.

If you’re in franchising and need someone to advocate for your interests, I can’t think of a better and more supportive firm than Rosen Karol Salis, PLLC.

Assaf Gal 

Reference best franchise attorney/law firm for 2023

Dear Mr. Rosen

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial about you and the Richard Rosen law firm. I feel qualified to write this testimonial since I have known you and your law firm for the last almost 20 years. Based on my interactions with many attorneys and law firms over the last 30 years, I wholeheartedly support you and your law firm for the above named award. I base my evaluations on the following qualities:


In my multiple interactions with you and your firm, I have been very impressed at the level of professionalism and compassion that you have demonstrated each time. With my long working hours in my hospital, I have often called you at all odd hours and have always found you to be receptive and willing to listen. You have never cut corners and have always given me the requisite time to hear me out and to assimilate all the information I have. You are very detail-oriented, and ask all the correct questions in a very thoughtful and insightful manner. It is this quality that gives your clients the comfort in knowing that you care deeply about them. It is this quality that fosters a sense of confidence in them. After talking with you, I always get the feeling the issue at hand is not just my problem, it is a shared problem with you as an equal partner

2. Competence and insight

I have brought a wide spectrum of issues to you, ranging from contracts to hospital related matters. I have been amazed at your quick grasp of the situation, very deep and insightful questioning and development of sensible, cogent, pragmatic and balanced solutions. Each time you have dealt with my case, I realize the wisdom and appropriateness of your advice.

3. Compassion

I remember the time my elderly mother with significant health issues needed your guidance and advice. Instead of asking her to come to your office, you came to our home on a Saturday and spent 6 hours with her, talking, reassuring, and providing her sage counsel. She was greatly reassured by your advice. I remember when my father was terminally ill, how you came to meet me and spent a lot of time just letting me talk and listening to me. Not because you had to, but because you wanted to. You espouse a resplendent set of qualities that reflect your humanism and desire to help and share and provide solace to others. There was no compensation for the time you put in for me. However, your thoughtful gesture will remain ingrained in my mind and serve as a guiding star for me in my interactions with others. I know if no attorney who would do this for a client.

Based on these exceptional qualities, competence, core values and humane attitude, I cannot think of a better person to recommend for this award.

I am happy to talk with any individuals on the phone should this be requested.


Suhail Raoof, MD, MACP, Master FCCP, FCCM, CPE
Director, Lung Institute, Northwell Health
Chief, Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Lenox Hill Hospital
100 East 77th Street
New York, NY 10075
Professor of Medicine and Radiology
Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell, NY

Richard and his team are very thorough and take the time to give thought to all aspects of the situation they are working on.

– Marc Brown, Restaurant Franchisor Owner*

Richard Rosen of The Richard L. Rosen Law Firm is a longtime star in franchising, especially representing franchisees.

– Anonymous, Franchisee Owner*

I have worked with Richard as Forensic financial expert on many of his litigated cases. He is one the best franchise lawyers in the USA. He is the encyclopedia of franchise law and a skilled litigator who has provides sage his clients he is a skilled deal maker and an excellent sense of justice and fairness. He is a credit to his profession!

– Alan Schachter, Citrin Cooperman*

Richard Rosen and his team at Rosen Karol Salis Law Firm have a magnificent handle of knowledge and personal skills. Clients are at ease and can grasp through their advice all the necessary issues to the minimal detail. They are the best-in-class.

– Anonymous, Franchisee Owner*